5 Things Related with December

Here we are in December. What should we do normally in this month??? Due to this questions, I have checked my colleagues to know further more. So, curious their response as below:

imageSumber foto: Dokumen pribadi
Sumber foto: Dokumen pribadi

1. Holidays
Indeed we have public holidays in this month. In some countries there are schools holidays that can be used to deal a great time with family. In this time people can say “peak season”. Hotel and travel agent offer you discount and promotion. Yes, it is. I found tons inbox about holidays big deals. If you are interested to arrange holidays, you should book earlier. You also must consider budget due to this peak season.

2. Christmas
Yep, Christmas is coming. You can find in every shopping center all souvenirs and accessories for Christmas. Christmas is the right time to be closer with God. Praying and celebrating with family are important things doing in Christmas. My opinion, Christmas is not only honoring the birth of Jesus Christ but more than that.

3. Family Gathering
Hmm well, I can say December is a time for family gathering or family reunion. This occasion is held regularly to have fun or strengthen family bonding. Every member of family always use this chance to greet and reconnect each other. My parents said we must spare the day to stay together in December. This statement is like to remind me how precious your time when you were in family.

4. “Me time”
As the last month, we use December to make self reflection during a year. We do retreat or use “me time” to evaluate our steps day by day, month by month, and now we are in December. Open your daily journal from beginning of this year, check that and reflect it, why it happened. I think no one can do perfectly the list of wish that they made earlier. It’s normal.

5. Shopping “End of Year Sale”
Shopping is not only for female. Everybody likes shopping in end of year. You know why? Sale and discount. Many stores offer year end and holiday sales on shopping items. You will find great deals on gifts from children and adults. Year End Sales offer online shoppers the discounts you deserve.

So, are you ready for shopping now?


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