Coffee Morning in December: Pink and Blue

blog5One day in the morning, he invited me to come in coffee morning at cafe near my apartment. Honestly, this is not my style to drink coffee in the morning. I am tea addicted actually. Okay, I respect his invitation after he says “Having coffee morning is a perfect idea in beginning to know you in real.” Oh Gosh, it was so romantic idea. But again I never drink coffee in the morning.

We are two who haven’t yet met before. We just known each other through online chatting since two years ago. We thought we have chemistry to move next step. Yeah!!!! we are online lover, unknown in reality. Although we can not speak English, but we tried to explain everything as well. He comes from somewhere in Europe.

“Good morning Anna! Thanks for coming,” said him. He gave me a chair in front of him. He wears elegant clothing.

“With my pleasure, December. You’re looking good.” I am doubtful to say my first statement. I am worried he dislikes since meeting first time.

I feel my heart beating more faster when we sat together. What happened? Damned, I think I am falling in love again.

He stares my eyes then touching my hands. He asked me, “Would you be my girl, Anna?”

I am wondering when he said that. My face feels blushing on. I forget my coffee for a while. My minds is flying happy to get heaven.

December brought a such a happiness of my life once in the morning. I am thinking that I was not being single anymore.


People said life begins from coffee. This is true. After that I have got clue, he gone. I figure out heart attack hit him. For the first time we met then never come back again.

Lovely coffee morning made me so pink and blue. This is not story about coffee, but empty love. It happened virtually love, in reality not so good. Love came to December and me. I wish this is the last one.

That is a reason why I am being single now. I told my December to a friend of mine. She reminds me, “Do not try to forget someone whom you love, but try to get better.”



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