It’s About Time

“You can buy every thing in this world, except the time. You can not turn back your time as you want” said an Angel. She wears a shining white dress. She has two wings between arms. She looks like flying around me.

I am listening that softly voice thru’ my heart.

She said again “The one thing should be understood that a time is eternity. Such as love, the time teaches you how meaningful the happiness in real”

I am still silent to hear that voice.

“Keep praying and wait for a miracle happens to you, dear” said her.

Just a moment I remember my motto, PUSH, pray until something happens.

The time always has authority to every human. Time also is powerful to make a destiny on life. But praying can change the time to be our fate.

“See how powerful  praying than time! if it is meant to be, it will be”

After dreaming off, I wake up and realized it. ‘Oh shit! Still in early morning’ I come on my bed then sleeping again.


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