A tons of articles you found regarding traveling, but did you get the points? Some people said traveling needs a lot of money. Yes it’s true. But how precious your life after traveling were? Don’t say you get nothing! You have more more than money you spent!!!

You’re lying, Anna! Absolutely no. Traveling brings you a lot of life experiences that you can’t buy. It will happen when you stuck on your ordinary days. It means traveling gives you extra ordinary days. Yes!!

If you want to feel difference in life, you must pay. But in traveling, you get more not only joyful. How can I cope my problems in life? Traveling taught me to solve problems instead of your daily problems. You must face on reality out of your comfort zone. It is not normal due to culture, budget traveling, language etc.

How well do you know yourself? I’ve got it in my solo trip. As woman, I felt worried. I met strangers that define how my personality became their part as good friend in trips or tour guide in group for example. Anyone who I met every day on traveling is like a mirror to see inside myself. If you do good, you will get good things in your day. So be a good person such as friendly and helpful is enough.

Now here I am. How educated I am due to much traveling I had. I have good knowledge and enlightenment to tell people. How wise I am after traveling? I can understand it based on difference perspective and situation when I did traveling.

You know why? Traveling is like a book. Every page teaches you a real life.

My journey is yet to accomplish.

PS: This valuable advise for my friend of mine who wants start a new solo trip.