Does Food Influence Mood?

The wisdom words say true, you are what you eat. I’ve tried out ate more salad vegetables and meat in restaurant. I thought healthy foods can bring you good mood as well. It’s true. But now I am thinking how about poor people? They might eat less or not thinking how much nutrion inside their food due to no much money they have. Aren’t they still on good mood?

Then my mind flies to monks or people who make less food due to some tradition reasons. Do they keep on good mood when they are picky food?

Well, does your food influences your mood? Recently study finds the role food plays in boosting mood.

My opinion said it depends on how you respect your food. This means you have value to eat and consider about life. And also making the comfortable and not feel worse then, please consider to select what you eat.

In reality we thought we pay more money to get food what we want. Instead of prestige or social status, this is not in line to your mood or nutrion. To have good mood, respect your food! It is a preciously advice. Food can be more than energy, such as positive powerful when you have time to choose that. Again food is not related with how much money you must spent then it can influence your mood.

When you have respect and value to food, your mood will fit to be good on you.

Just two cents from me😎

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