Career Break? Five Ideas Do in Gap Year


Working, working and working. That is a routine days usually people do in the most days when they are still in productive ages. One in life time will be happened to everybody that stop and retreat from career. It named retirement or pension. When the pension time happens while people can be relax and enjoy the rest of life. What I just explained, it is common for committed people in career. How about people like me who wants to break a career for awhile?

This is not the first time I did break my working. Due to my assignment of working, I must believe God always give a way to earn money. I joined to organization based on projects for a certain time period. Continued to my experiences, here are the ideas what should you do when you decide to break your career:

(1). Joined to be Volunteer in social activities

In 2009 my projects concerned on basic education in Indonesia incidentally stop unplanned. No one can predict your job when you really love do it every day. When I have known some issues regarding basic education, a friend of mine urged me to be a volunteer in one of Catholic Orphanages. This mission is under of Catholic Church. Although I have no passion in handling children, but I’ve got lesson learned in here. My jobs was only to teach children in English subject within twice a week. This was really not easy for me. The first thing as point, I was a better person after that. Who believes that I can be a teacher? But this was only a few months then I gave up.

(2). Continued to study

Pursuing my dream is a well-educated woman in future. When I had a good position in Jakarta office, I’ve decide it to study abroad. Thought more educated is more salary, is it? I discussed with my family. Who would pay your study? That was questions ruined by my parents. No scholarship, no lucky rich family but it happened. A study in University improves your knowledge and talent more than your prior education. To focus only study, you must leave your job as temporary time. Let say you are multi-tasking person, but it is better you can complete fully your study as priority.

(3). Take some courses

Perhaps you dislike my idea above, but you need to enhance your skills. Try some courses! Choose based on your passion then you can feel free, no pressure. If I say you must take cooking class, probably that is not your talent. I think take a course in related with your career. I chose Deutsch course because I need for study and future living for example. Take some courses aren’t cheap, you invest your time also. Please consider some courses in despite of your career break.

(4). Do traveling

Traveling spent your money. It is true! But traveling fills my souls. I can be wise after traveling. Working in some projects gave me amount of money as severance pay. Make a fun and do pleasure time in new land or new place as foreigners. That is awesome. You can not buy life experience instead of traveling.

(5). Change your business

At the moment I feel stuck on your career, the idea to be enterpreneur runs to my head. Some ideas of business came to me and proof that I must resign from my job. It happened to some ex co-workers when we just chit chat in happy hours. To change your core business firstly concerned on your passion and assets as modal. This is a huge risk if you break your career. As beginner you must hard learn and face on reality. All beginnings aren’t easy including change your career.


As my explanations mentioned above, you can not generalize those in life as best opinion. Career is option such as life offers to every body. No one can predict the world’s economic and situation when you must break a career then you know it as part of life. Don’t think life will end when you break a career!

Just two cents from me✌

Hope it helps!

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