McRib, McDonalds in Germany: A Delicious Barbeque Sandwich

McRib plus mineral water without gas.

It seems yummy and tasty, is it?

It is free for hand washing.

‘Ordering something in fast food such as McDonalds sounds you have no time to cook at home huh!’ That a message a popped up on my mobile phone. It was from my mother in Jakarta. 

It is true. I came to McDonalds which is located around from my home. My class was over. My classmate from Russian proposed to get lunch earlier before ‘mittagessen’ started. Mittagessen is a Deutsch word that means a time for lunch. Every restaurant normally gets fully ordering by people at that time. Sometimes we got lately food when mittagessen were happening in Germany. 

For your information, people in here called McD restaurant as Mekki. It sounds wierd for me. I just known it when my husband had a ‘termin’ with his co-workers. ‘Termin’ is a Deutsch word as such a schedule to meet in punctual time. In Indonesia we usually called McDonalds as McD. Yeah, I’d like to come to Mekki in here due to free internet for three hours. It is including kind of service in Mekki. You get tasty food then WIFI also. Good for students!

I thought to get food that never been found in McDonalds in Indonesia. Finally McRib was my option. Mekki has a lot of options for drinking. I have chosen mineral water without gas as my favorit. Plus the wet tissue given to me as free for hand-washing. Totally I paid less 5€ for all today.

McRib is a kind of sandwich with barbeque sauce. This meat is so tasty and yummy from pork ribs. It is like a cut of pork then served by grilling. Then Mekki served to barbeque sauce on top. Not only that, I found onions sliced and a bit of cucumber salad. I impressed this sandwich was ‘lecker‘ for first time I never tried before. ‘Lecker‘ is a Deutsch word that means delicious.

No wonder McRib is a popular order menu in Germany! Since 2006 as first time Mekki in here introduced to public generally where it is always sold out. Sometimes they said McRib is limited offered by Mekki in here. This recommended when you are stopping by. 

Hope it informs✌


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