Here it is, Kopi Tarek!

Hey coffee lovers, please notice this popular coffee of Indonesian drinks! I was been in Medan, a capital city of North Sumatera at few years ago. This is so funny, why I should explain now. Because I love this coffee then the world must know it. Awesome!

When you have a plan to visit Indonesia, you can stop by local cafe in North Sumatera. You need more one hour to fly from Jakarta to Medan by aircraft. Medan is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. This coffee known by Kopi Tarek that means ‘kopi’ as coffee and ‘tarek’ as pulled. In literally it sounds joke, but its name derived by pouring process of ‘pulling’ the coffee prior served.

For me, the best taste served in cold.

This is a reason why we called it ‘Kopi Tarek.’

No wonder this performance needs a special skill for the brewers.

The best taste as consideration, you can choose in hot or cold drink. This coffee doesn’t seem black as normally coffee. It made from real coffee and milk. I recommend to drink in cold for sure. The flavour of coffee is so fresh, despite of the strong aroma coffee. You can order some snacks as local cookies while you are chilling out gather friends. 

To attract visitors in cafe, two brewers show competition to perform their skills. This performance is really awesome. It is such a bonus while you are waiting for coffee. 

Would you like to bring me a cup of coffee today? ☕ Hehehe…