Sri Mariamman Temple Medan, North Sumatera – Indonesia.

The top of tower in fully ornaments.

The entrance door of temple.

Inside of temple.

This is awesome.

This ornaments seem on top of walls.

One chamber of Temple.

Continued to explore Medan, a capital city of North Sumatera, Indonesia in previously post, I stopped for awhile in the oldest Hindu temple. I saw the tower of temple from far away so really awesome. Indeed, in beginning you found the special gate which can find usually as common temples in South India. I have met a guy who had physically look India people. He was friendly to welcome me and to make some pictures inside.

I asked the detailed information to a guy whom I met in first time. He can speak Bahasa Indonesia as well. This temple was built since 1884 and aimed to serve worship of Goddes Mariaman. That is a reason we called this temple as Sri Mariamman Temple. Goddes Mariamman is one of Goddes who is believed to have power in healing severe illness and diseases. People came to pray including the community called by Tamil. They have been lived in Medan for centuries ago.

I am sure you will wonder with the surrounding architecture of temple. Based on the literature, this architectural known by Dravidian architectur. There were a lot of statues to represent the Goddes. This was incredible how unique and detailed ornaments to decorate the beautiful temple became more eternally peace for reality of visiting.

When you visit Medan, you can stop by in Kampung Madras. This temple located in Kampung Madras, not far from Sun Plaza. I found two Tamil generations who have been living in here since born then allowing to make some photos inside. They were typically looking like India people.

Actually I was still curious what the linkage between Sri Mariamman in Medan and Sri Mariamman temples in Penang, Malaysia or Singapore. I found both in that cities while traveling. All architectures and ornaments were really no difference. No answer! The guy who I met previously, he was been with other guy to discuss something important. Then I raised my hand, palm forward and mouth ‘Terimakasih’ as nonverbal sign to appreciate him. Terimakasih means a Indonesian word to express gratitude. I left this temple in still questioning.