Tumpeng: Indonesian National Dish Officially


The incredible dishes named by Tumpeng from Indonesia. When we want to celebrate anniversary or have a special event in traditionally, we usually make tumpeng in promoting a feeling grateful. This is a kind of ceremony to invite people eating together and to be symbolized opening of ceremony officially by cutting a cone of yellow-steamed rice.

To cut a cone of tumpeng must be doing by a senior or someone who has authority to celebrate that anniversary. After that, people can enjoy food together by choosing what is favor dishes in tumpeng. Tumpeng is a specialized authentic Indonesia cuisine through generations. 

All foods encircled by boiled vegetables, meats and traditionally dishes such as tempeh, tofu, seafoods, or mashed potato fritters. On center, it was surely for yellow steamed rice as symbolized glory of God as the creator of universe. The steamed rice must be coloured yellow that made from turmeric. 

9 thoughts on “Tumpeng: Indonesian National Dish Officially

  1. One of the department in my workplace done this like every years..I never really try any on them and it always makes me wonder what is this dish called. And today is my lucky day,you posted this 🙂

    1. Thanks David for comment!😁

      Tofu is only option. As I written, you can choose what you want😊 this can be a shared portion together with others to celebrate something…

      Happy weekend David🍻

    2. Happy weekend sweet Anna, yup Tofu is only option I prefer read your comments , I think you´re a expert when we´re talking about cuisine and I just a disaster hahaha

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