Do You Need A Recharge? Here are Five Ideas to Think About


Yeah, weekend comes! What should you do to spend your weekend?

Some people make a fun weekend with family and their beloved one. Some people prefer to stay at home, making relax time or sleeping the whole day. But how do you think when I propose you to recharge your body? It sounds like our body as battery. Indeed!

Here the tips are followed the explanation to recharge a body based on my experiences in weeekend.

1. Good food

The whole days within a week, please remember what did you eat? Did you eat good food for your health? Maybe you need fast food when lunch breaking. Or you ate only to make not hungry. It could be yeah!

So this weekend, you can try good food without hesitate. You have a lot of time to prepare and cook at home. Lucky when you have a talent to cook something! Go ahead! No idea of recipes, please use your fingers then searching out a healthy recipe you want!

If no, you can visit a restaurant which provides a bio or good combination foods for your health. This restaurant can claim no MSG, bio restaurant, or fresh products etc.

2. Good mood

How to raise good mood in weekend when you felt stuck on weekdays due to busy days or stressful workings?

Stay away from social media for awhile! Please engage with family or friends, chit chat or doing something together with them. Chilling out with friends is a way to have a better mood. If you dislike this idea, you can have good mood by getting enough sleep. Sleep is a priority to do over weekend when you can’t do it as well within the whole weekdays.

3. Good reading

Is reading your favorite hobby? If yes, go ahead! Spare your time in weekend to read the lovely book or a book written by favorit author! The self-help book or motivational books drive readers to change their minds or to inspire greatly regarding life, career, family, etc. I did many times. This is good way to spend lovely weekend.

4. Good minds

I believe good minds improve good living by positive ways. How to create good minds in weekend normally I come to church enthusiastically with a spouse or family. The other ways, I did self meditation for a half hour or one hour. To have good minds, you can express your feeling by writing. No doubt that expressive writing linked to improve mood, well-being and reduced stress level as the expert’s opinion. And I did!

5. Good people

Good people aren’t saints. It means surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from people who make you down, unhappy or negative moods. I think this is important doing in weekend. By surrounding yourself with people who love and support you, then you will find happiness.


Five things as mentioned above aren’t always perfectly doing in weekend. Sometimes I feel lazy and unmotivated to do something I want cause of weekend. You can choose one of them to recharge yourself during weekend. Surely you feel energized to fight weekdays.

Have a blessed day on first Sunday of Advent!


12 thoughts on “Do You Need A Recharge? Here are Five Ideas to Think About

  1. Life is wondrous if you’ve a nice health and no toxic companion cos Life is wonderful and if you’ve got problems look at the bright side of life.
    Thanks Anna and enjoy a marvelous Sun.😉😉😉😉😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love coffee and don’t like tea… enjoy you’re a positive woman besides real . I must be in a paradise… Anna my dad’s Alzheimer and life learnt hard and important lesson day to day. 😘😘😘😘live it up!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You can be more strong from adversity and I’m tasting petty details from a spellbound book called life, thanks for kisses Anna… Fortunately you’re a nice woman…😉😉😉😘😘😘🙈

      Liked by 1 person

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