Christkindlmarkt: A Christmas Market in Sparkle Night in Germany

As promised, this post meant to watch the pretty night during Christmas market. This is recommended to festive in sparkling nights. I have no words again to describe this market.

May those pictures uploaded that tell you more!

1. Entrance of a market.

2. The chocolate center.

3. German cuisine.

4. Nativity Scene or Weihnachten krippe in deutsch words.

5. The German tradition of Winter drinking. 

6. Crowds of people streamed in Christmas Market. 

7. Chilling out in Germany’s Christmas market.

8. A choir performance concert.

9. Coffee snack bar.

10. A Christmas gift shop displays.

The idea about Christkindlmarkt, please be found in links below:



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  1. The pictures are beautiful! We have gone to the Christmas Markets in Koln a few times in the past week.(I plan to go a few more times before Christmas too) We also enjoyed the smaller market in Bruhl as well.

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  2. München has a nice Christmas market and you can be enjoying lovely nights, when you’re walking through , only a thing is sure Christmas is nearest and you could see three king well one of them was buried in Köhl …
    Merry Christmas with a chocolate mug in a bonfire and the best is come to yet😇😇😇😇
    Prost/ Salud

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  3. ❤❤❤💃🏻❤❤❤



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