5 Ideas ‘Staycation’ Spend Weekend with Family at Home

Last weekend I had offered five things to recharge your body in this link. Refer to weekend happening, my opinion is about ‘staycation’. Staycation is only term to describe how to spend your weekend meaningful with family or your beloved ones at home.

This aims actually to urge people to feel togetherness and family bonding without staying out from home. Weekend is the right time to make it true. Vacation sounds more money, but not for ‘staycation’. The point is only how to make a lovely time and joyful with family at home. So it is meant you should do what you want being your family.

We called it family. It can be your parents, your spouse, your kids, your siblings, your best friend etc. That is how you treat them as part of your life in this time.

To figure out the idea, here the list is written as suggestions within weekend.

1. Cooking and eating

Who loves cooking? You? Go ahead! Maybe it’s not you. You can decide it who will be the person in charge to be chef at home. Don’t bother yourself with this task! Make it simple basic home cooking. Cooking together can be a good idea.

I’ve tried this idea on Sunday after church time. I did cooking with my own style and recipe with my German family in here. You know it is not easy to accept my Asian foods. The good point, they tried my foods then this was awesome taste.

So cooking and eating in family are not only a philosophy or ritual to remain together. This meant the traditionally way to talk each other across generations. This moment is automatically being precious for every one in family.

2. Watching movie

What is your family movie? A family drama, funny movies or the genre legend film should be options to watch together at home. Watching movie at home is the way to discuss and define family values. What is the underlying message in the movie? That is sample question that you can ask to kids.

Movie is the attractive and informative media to improve the communication between parents and kids. This can be opportunity to train our children regarding the values in life. Watching movie at home is inexpensive things to spend weekend with family.

I know you can consider such movies age-appropriate for kids based on your culture. I think there is always valuable lesson learned for life taken from movies.

3. Do sports

In wise wisdom, sports that bring family in togetherness. Sports is the way to be more active physically in exercise together. Don’t be serious to make rule in playing together! A rule or obligations at games can be obstacles to exercise instead of chance within family. Allocate time in weekend to walk around your area home. Do you have fitness properties at home? Maximize it to bring family time.

Doing sport in family is the way to promote healthy life and well-being. This is not benefit only for yourself, but involved family members. This activity reduces stress only, also it can promote family bonding.

4. Reading books

Family is the first instituion of learning. Reading books parents with kids is the best way to stimulate their imagination and develop their knowledge. Weekend is the right time to make it happen with your kids. After reading, you can discuss the moral of book. The lesson learned from book encourages children to understand over the world.

5. Play fun games

Playing games at home is the priceless way to spend your weekend. How to develop the family fun games? Choose the game that can be played with a few more than two players. Make up the games with own friendly budget entertainment. The point of games is only how to interact each other while creating beautiful memories.

Who wants to share another ideas? Drop your comment please!

Sometimes we stuck in weekend to stay out from home. We choose to make relax and waste money only for awhile. I just offered to you how to figure out the new ways to stay together with family at home.

Have a blessed Sunday on second week of Advent!🌲


3 thoughts on “5 Ideas ‘Staycation’ Spend Weekend with Family at Home

  1. Wow Anna nice advices in order to staycation and first option from me could be best friend to best fiend and staycation in hellcation.
    Enjoy with your family , spouse… and a thing is sure you’ve a big and shine heart.
    Perk up and enjoy on sun 😘😘😘

    Ps I need you recommended nice books as movies!

    Liked by 1 person

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