Saint Nicholas.

The wrapped chocolate figure of Saint Nicholas.


Do you know Saint Nicholas? Since I was a kid in Indonesia, I only knew “Sinterklas” as Saint Nicholas who always brings a lot of gifts for children on Christmas Day.

Last week, I have got a gift from colleague in class. He gave me a special gift due to Saint Nicholas day. In Germany we known “der Heilige Nikolaus” or “der Nikolaustag” that aimed to celebrate Saint Nicholas in traditionally Catholic Church over the most Catholic region, Bavarian. The characters of Saint Nicholas is identified as Santa Claus who always brings gifts to good person during Christmas season.

This custom happening in Germany is on 6th December that festives Saint Nicholas through giving a gift to good friends or colleagues. What do they give commonly? The most they give you ‘something sweet’ such as chocolate. That’s why you can find many chocolates in figure of Saint Nicholas in supermarket recently. The other options, they may give special gift that happened to me last week.

According to the legend in Bavaria, children put the wishing letter that contains something gift on their socks or shoes. They believe Saint Nicolas will respond to meet up their wishing when they behave as good kids. I have no idea that could be associated with giving a gift to good friends or colleagues.

In my paper gift, I have got a wrapped chocolate figure of Saint Nicholas and novel in Deutsch word. I figured out this good friend really known that I am still learning deutsch as Germany language. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t give him a gift because I have no idea regarding Saint Nicholas Day. As I knew, I will give a gift later on Christmas day to certain and special person such as spouse, family and best friends.

So, do you have any experiences in connecting with Santa Claus? Share your idea in comments!