The Reasons Why I Must Wake Up Early Morning

I am a morning person in this time due to my daily activities on weekdays. In practice, this is really not easy to train the habits waking up in early morning. But life must go on because I can not continue sleeping again. This article meant to write some reasons as good points that benefit for me.

A famous quote that Benjamin Franklin said “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” That is true. My mom suggested me to wake up earlier morning if I wanna be sucessful person. I didn’t know this connection. I think this is only myth in Indonesia. When I rethink, waking up earlier makes you have more extra hours to be relax in life and fully focus to your working. In Jakarta, I must wake up early morning only to feel not stressful on traffic.

Another good point comes from my mother who taught me meaningful life. She suggested me to wake up earlier morning because I can keep alive. I can see the rising sun and enjoy the smell of morning. This could be joyful and excited for the whole day. Then I have good mood to start my day. Good advice!

I realized this doesn’t work for some people. Probably my post makes you disappointment about wake up early, not your type. I want to share regarding my life experiences happening now. After waking up early morning, I have no issue regarding sleeping problem. This is my own way to be excited on the day.

Normally I woke up early morning then spare 15-20 minutes for self-meditation or praying. This is only to relieve my brain and be calm tension for my soul. It is not necessary when I have something urgent to do at campus. I think this can be sleep pattern when you wake up early morning.

Hope this informs

5 thoughts on “The Reasons Why I Must Wake Up Early Morning

  1. Anna you’re woman where goals comes true and waking up all feelings humans around you. Come on an enjoy all things around you, the future is for you , no stay in bed . Enjoy a nice coffee ☕️ and happy sat

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning David,

      Thank you for inspiration😉 I am dreamer. Wake up in early morning is not good idea at winter season. But the show must perform hahahaha…
      May you have wonderful weekend😇 Don’t forget take your coffee!☕

      Happy sat!😜


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