Lemon schnapps as welcome drink.

One day I was been with my husband to meet his client in cafe. I thought I would like to explore the new drinks that I never tried previously. When they were both discussed seriously, the waiter came to find out our ordering. He said in Deutsch words, “Drei limonen schnaps bitte!” that meant we would to have the best lemon schnapps together. My minds runned by figuring out, what was “limonen schnaps“?

Maybe I am too innocent because i am not keen on alcoholic. In contrary I was curious what kind of the drinks would I try?

Limonen Schnaps nor Lemon schnapps is a kind of alcohol drinks that tasted so sweet and rich of lemon inside. I felt “burn” on my throat at least. In Germany I found a lot of variants schnapps that flavoured fruits such as lime, ginger, strawberry, grape, etc. Some restaurants/Cafes in here serves schnapps as complimentary drinks after payment. The other way, they offer as welcome drink before the main food served.

Schnaps in Deutsch words, but literally in English it known Schnapps. This can be refer as spirits drink that consumed only for short glass. Schnapps is inexpensive drink that leads as complimentary drinking. But for me, schnapps is very strong alcohol substance.

Would you like to share your experience in comment blanks about drinking Schnapps?