Christmas Market 2017 in Landshut, Germany

Landshuter Christkindl Markt.

IThe sign board of toilet.

Bags corner.

We just visited one of Christmas markets in Landshut, a capital city of Nierderbayern recently. For car parking, we paid 2€ per day. There was no entrance ticket. It was free. For public toilet, you should give the cents in voluntary. The market was located on old city of Freyung, near Catholic church St. Jodok.

The attractive things about this market such in down:

  • Santa Claus.

Santa Claus (red costume)

I found here Santa Claus who wore costume in figured like as Saint Nicholas. He looked kind to greet every child on market. Children like to meet him, giving hands and making photo together.

  • Children entertainment.

Train railway miniature for kids.

Christmas class for children.

This market served also to entertain children through some miniatures playing ground. I found also a class for children that dedicated to help them understanding Christmas through art performs and creation crafts by experienced person.

  • Der Krippe”

The Nativity scene.

Der Krippe is known as Nativity Scene. In this market, we found specialized the nativity scene in special ways design. This leads to understand the historic of Landshut in connecting with the stars following of the holy night that to be representations of miracle.

  • Music concert.

During we were there, we heard a choir which performed perfect Christmas song by vocal group. After that, this market brought a wide of selected music groups to festive the sparkling evenings.

  • The photo booth.

Photo together Santa Claus figurines.

No wonder people came to Christmas market to capture photos in dazzling evening. This market provided the spots in making pictures for visitors. It designed specialized thema regarding Christmas to capture the exceptional moments in Christmas market. The spots of photos were served on thema Advent of Calendar and Santa Claus figurines.

This market would be held until on 23rd December. Another stories regarding food and drinks in this market, I will share to next post.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Market 2017 in Landshut, Germany

  1. Anna.
    Hi again and markets announcing Xmas fest is nearest , what Can I say about it? I hope you buy with moderation and Santa Klaus gives a sack of present and illusion.
    A dilemma on Xmas in the south countries … Spain, Italy is you prefer Xmas tree or crib?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

    At least some goals come true!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey David,

      Yes, Christmas almost comes… in every house in Bavaria has traditionally ‘der Krippe’ and tree also. Today was busy😄
      How was your Friday?😁
      No coffee today hahahaha


    2. Well Anna you’re a busy woman, nice … in order to Xmas tree or crib , Spain is a land of crib as Italy and from years ago is usual crib and tree , unfortunately I hadn’t spare time and Neither tree and crib… I must be knocking the doors of the hell … well I’ll be a heating man looking at the bright side of life ☺️☺️☺️😉😉😉☕️☕️☕️

      Liked by 1 person

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