Christmas will come this evening when all Christians in the whole world celebrate it traditionally based on its custom. The most people think that Christmas identified with a miracelous event that Jesus was born as baby in a manger. It leads us to celebrate a birth of Jesus who was born more than 2000 years ago. Not only that, Christmas is in connecting to festive special event in accordance to religion. As I known, Christmas represents the spiritual of experience in individually that meant Christmas has different meaning to different people.

What should you do on Christmas Eve as usually?Andere Ländern, Andere Sitten” is a wise wisdom from Germany that meant every place has own traditions and custom. Here is my note to celebrate Christmas Eve in Germany.

1). “der Heilige Abend”

der Heilige Abend in Deutsch means Christmas eve on 24th December which is a night of 24th December to 25th December. In every house they have done in fully decoration of Christmas tree. On evening, they go with family to attend mass at church.

2). Family time

Christmas in Germany is identified with family gathering to festive special event in yearly. Christmas is a time for family to make memorable moments in special ways such as dinner and nice conversations. In commonly, we eat traditional meals that called as “kalt essen” consists of potato salad, sausage and salad.

3). Christmas gift

In midnight hours, we gather near Christmas tree and start to pray together, “Vater Unser” or the Our Father prayer in Deutsch. Based on the legend in hundred years, Santa Claus came to bring the gifts on midnight hours. But this is only story, we have Christmas gift from parents. My parents in law give to every kid, including me. We also prepare presents previously for parents. This is a time to open the presents.


So, those are my stories regarding Christmas eve. This is totally a bit different happened to me in Indonesia to celebrate Christmas. I think you have the different ways to festive your Christmas on evening.

Would you mind to share your thoughts on comments?