Some decorations in pig figures

New year as new day just began today. I have found many chocolates which wrapped in “pig figure” sold out recently in supermarket. I’ve got one of them from my colleague in here. A chocolate had wrapped by pig figure and written “viel glück” as deutsch words and added “glückskleeblatt” as a lucky charm. It is commonly found a plant as symbol around Germany on end of December as symbol to start new year.

A pig represents overall good fortune and luck in Chinese tradition. But I have no idea why German people used this tradition before entering new year as symbol of luck. I think it might be for business purpose as long as they believe superstitious to be fortunate powers. Pig is an animal object based on the legend culturally in China tradition that considered as lucky symbol.

Not only that, this new year is also related with a plant that known by “Glückskleebat”. This is a such of plant to lead the good prosperity, health and happiness during a year. Again this is only symbol to bring myth in beginning year. In contrary to modern age, most people keep bearer good fortunes to others, including me.

Back to the individually, this depends on your views. In Indonesia, we have no symbol of luck in beginning new year.

Happy New Year 2018! viel Glück Ein Neues Jahr 2018!