Hungaria (10): Christmas Market still Exist in here, Budapest

Christmas just passed away a week ago but we are still celebrating until 6th January every year in according to Catholic Liturgy. When we were on vacation in Budapest during few days, we stopped by awhile in Christmas Market that held near Basilica Sint Stephan. This market seems huge in order to the most of tourists visited to look around and trying local cuisine.

The attractive things is shown up to visitors when Basilica perfomes the lights and instruments by thema Christmas season. The duration is for 3-4 minutes to perform spectacular lights. Every visitors can see how adorable the sparkling nights around Basilica’s hall.

Here there are photos such as down

Basilica St. Stephan.

In front of the hall of Basilica.

The Nativity of scene.

Christmas market around.

Some visitors enjoy food and beverages that found by booths of market.

Punch and mulled wine booth.

Who is this? No information around.


7 thoughts on “Hungaria (10): Christmas Market still Exist in here, Budapest

  1. Budapest is a lovely city and when Christmas is coming … a nice light in the city… great moments and I don’t know why in all cribs as adoration scenes a king wise is a black man… a myth of Christmas season or …

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    1. Hmmm, really? Did you find in detailed about this? I am blind regarding cribs. As I know, this sets up every Christmas with or without myth. If you have additional information, pls send via email. Next Christmas, I’ll do in detailed😉
      Enjoy your coffee morning☕


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