This question is obviously difficult to answer when I have got this question today. She is younger than me and being single. She felt lonely since moved to here as International student. I really didn’t know why she launched this question by texting me. Boredom and lonely are the same feelings happened to every one in the world.

I figured out some answers in according to my life experiences. I am not the expert to analyze because every one has its own way to release out the matters. It is better to write down ten activities when I feel bored.

1. Reading

I love reading so much. I spare “me time” around a couple of hours every day only to read anything I want. Reading gives insights for minds and enlightenment for soul. Reading doesn’t make me bored.

2. Writing

Writing is like leisure way in vacant time. I can put my imagination and ideas to be written up on journal. Sometimes this works to release out my boredom feeling, sometimes I did my fantasy to be written as fiction. Through writing, I feel free to be myself. This is me!

3. Walking

I can not do more sports, only walking or running. Simple as thought! Through walking I can breathe fresh air for relaxation. When walking, I observed around and capturing some photos. Photograph is interesting thing in the moment I see while on walk.

4. Organize my home

This is inexpensive way to relieve bored at home. I like to stay home when all looks clean and well-organized. Normally I make organizing entire home step by step through every room. But the first thing, I organize all appliances such as clothing, shoes, books, papers that needed cluttering to be net and tidy.

5. Speak up with family or old friends

I can spend my time on phone to keep in touch with family and friends who stay far away. This is not part of my routine days. Talking with them never bored. I am sanguinis and a talkactive person that means I always have idea to speak up. For sure, I find cheaper way to keep contact with family and friends even hundred miles staying away.

6. Cooking

Cooking is fun when I bored. Cooking is like experiment to try out new recipes by reading instructions. I know I won’t get the perfection flavour, but I find the perfection idea to release out my feeling for a while. This is a kind of challenging in life when I don’t always cooking every day.

7. Praying or Meditation

Whatever my days, I spare my time to have “me time” in communicating with God when I feel bored. I focus my mind and spiritual to have positive insights and feeling gratitude. Every one has own meaning to name ‘me time.’ For me, this is extraordinary way to have focus for a while and no tension.

8. Watching movie

This idea is to entertain me when I feel boredom. I prefer to take good movie such as drama or comedy. I think there is always valuable lesson learned for life taken from movies.

9. Traveling

It’s true, traveling doesn’t make me rich but it changes me to be wise. I love traveling! I save my cent only for traveling. Traveling is a such adventure in life that always never bored to have it every time. This can be leisure time to visit new place as new journey on vacation. Be remember, traveling is not always comfortable to break my ordinary days!

10. Colouring

In this time, colouring for adults is fun idea to generate mindfulness which can be associate it as therapy. I can sit for hours only colouring like I want. This is deal way to feel out boredom individually. I reflect my emotional feelings then filling out by colouring picture.

So, how about you guys? Could be any ideas to assist my friend to release out boredom feeling as newcomer in here?