“Ohne Fleiß, Kein Preis”: A Spirit in the Beginning of Year

Living in Germany urges me to understand not only language. I like to learn new culture over the world, including Germany. The interesting thing to be related in life is local wisdom such as expected attitude which occurred in certain believe. I heard that German has known as hard-workers in the world. They have good ethos to strive good quality in life.

Refering to learn the culture, one day my teacher in here said wisely “ohne Fleiß, kein Preis Anna!” She suprised me with this wisdom when I was stuck on lessons. So guess, what is the meaning about? In English, that sentence means no pain no gain.

What is the relationship between whisper wisdom and beginning of year?

Every one has something or few things on their mind to make it true within a year. Surely, it is a plan, target, goal, dream, resolution or whatever you name it but everybody wants to reach out more and better become a succesful person at the end.

To pursue the goal in this year, you must fight to have it. There is always a way to lead you as long as you have willingness to strive it. No wonder that a goal required a lot of efforts to endure physically and suffering mentally in reaching out its.

Ohne Fleiß, kein Preis. “Fleiß” is a Deutsch word that meant ‘hard working’ and “preis” is also meant price in English. We will have ‘the payment’ after we work hard and persistent to make it true.

In beginning of year, I remind to myself and all of you to have energy that fuelled by the purpose in order to the end of year. “Price” can be defined with self-rewarding, happiness, satisfaction, etc when goals or target accomplished at the end this year. The wisdom from Deutsch words is personal motivation to trigger us now, in beginning of year.

Fight your dream, then your dream will fight for you! by Paulo Coelho.


In Bahasa Indonesia

Selain belajar bahasa Jerman, saya senang untuk mempelajari budaya di sini. Saya paham dengan baik bagaimana orang-orang di sini bekerja keras untuk mendapatkan kualitas hidup yang lebih baik.

Suatu kali ketika saya hampir putus asa belajar di kelas, dosen saya tiba-tiba mengatakan begini “ohne Fleiß, kein Preis.” Saya terkejut apa maksudnya? Lalu saya mencari apa makna kalimat tersebut saat saya sedang bersusah payah memahami banyak hal di sini.

Jika dalam bahasa Indonesia, pepatahnya mungkin bisa diganti “Bersakit-sakit dulu, bersenang-senang kemudian!” atau dalam bahasa Inggris bisa dikatakan “No pain no gain.” Jadi selalu ada bayaran bagi mereka yang telah bekerja keras dan gigih memperjuangkannya dengan sungguh-sungguh.

Mumpung masih di awal tahun, saya mengingatkan diri sendiri dan anda semua bahwa kerja keras dan semangat untuk memperjuangkan apa pun itu namanya, “goal”, target, cita-cita, rencana atau tujuan di tahun ini dapat terwujud dengan baik. Pada akhirnya, kita tahu bahwa kita memperjuangkan suatu tujuan di tahun ini. Kemudian di akhir tahun, kita akan bangga ketika berhasil terselesaikan dengan baik.

Pepatah berbahasa Jerman adalah motivasi pribadi yang memicu kita untuk memperjuangkannya dengan sungguh-sungguh.

Mari berjuang bersama-sama!


Author: Anna Liwun

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me [Philippians 4:13]

10 thoughts on ““Ohne Fleiß, Kein Preis”: A Spirit in the Beginning of Year”

  1. In Scotland saying in order to New Year Resolution … it’s as confetti in the stairs of churches, good celebration and fest and broken promises in the third day … it just true.

    Besides learning is good more than topics and serious things more than than cliches

    Happy Sun… from the grey days!

    Liked by 1 person

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