Asian dumpling soup.

In Indonesia, there are some variants of dumpling as street foods. I used to buy a kind of dumpling without soup since I was a kid. We named it “Siomay”. Perhaps “siomay” has own style and traditional snacks than Dim Sum.

I’d definitely eat “siomay” with sauce or sweet mustard to have tasty and yummy. Dim sum should eat without any sauce. They both seem ancient and Asian cuisine that named as dumpling without soup.

One day I went to visit a friend of mine who comes from Indonesia. He actually lives more than 7 years in Germany. I surprised how he made dumpling soup for us. I known so well this food.

I saw him how to prepare in boiled pot over high heat. He put carefully dumpling into another large pot of boiling water. Bring them to boiled then simmer for 10 minutes. Look easy!

He said honestly these frozen dumplings had bought in local supermarket to be inspired easy and quick. It can be a good idea to serve me a soup in cold season around. 

These dumplings commonly found in shrimp, chicken, or tofu as stocks that sold by supermarket. To have additional seasoning, we normally did adjust salt and pepper inside soup.

Well, happy trying! 

Are you interested to try?