New Friends, New Life

As social human, I agree that we can not live alone. We need each others. I found the paradoks that new friend is new life. Do you believe it?

How many friends do you have? What is your definition to call someone as friend?

Some people would love to have many friends in their life. They are rather to rely on friends than family. They spend a lot of times with friends in life. They belive that no life is without friendships. Some friends also might be determine the direction of life. No doubt, having friends is really necessary in their life.

How important is your friend for your life? This should be influence your character and personality. As known in psychology words, “friendfluence” is the term that meant the powerful to have authority to determine a sense of self and values of life. Perhaps, friendship is the key of happiness for some people. 

You have good friends then your life is better. But you have worse friends then your life fills in troubles. This is such a phenomena in Asian that you would be smelled good when you were in parfume store. It meant your life is the product of the friends.

Whether realize it or not, having friendship is influenced to our life. When you are able to change your friends, then you would change your life. This is a reason to say, new friends is new life.


In Bahasa Indonesia
Apakah anda percaya pada perkataan teman saya berikut yang mengatakan bahwa teman baru maka hidup juga baru?

Sebagian orang ada yang begitu bergantung pada kehadiran teman dalam hidup mereka. Sebagian lagi mungkin saja tidak, artinya teman mereka bertambah banyak atau tidak toh mereka tak peduli. Sedangkan sebagian lagi, ada yang memiliki kehidupan yang berbeda bahkan jadi baru hanya karena punya teman yang baru.

Begitulah hidup! Sesungguhnya kita bisa menentukan kita ingin berteman dengan siapa. Lingkup pertemanan juga terkadang menentukan karakter pribadi seseorang. Jika kita berada di toko minyak wangi, maka kita pun akan tercium wangi meski tak memakai minyak wangi.

Mereka yang demikian bergantung pada teman pun bisa saja mengubah hidup dengan mengubah teman. Meninggalkan teman lama dan mendapatkan teman baru bukan hal mudah. Bisa jadi ini dilakukan karena ingin kehidupan yang baru dan mungkin lebih baik.

Anda sendiri bagaimana? 

Author: Anna Liwun

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me [Philippians 4:13]

11 thoughts on “New Friends, New Life”

  1. Anna.
    Human beings are social creatures and friend could be a empty word, if you’re running downhill you can be seen all friends in baddie times no prob and saying … Cheerio

    Friend’s a important word in our vocabulary and you can be a victim of allergy as you visit a parfumerie
    If you can be counting one hand your real friend… a privilege woman👍👍👍🙈🙈🙈🙈😈😈😈

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