Fortune Cookies in Asian Restaurant, Germany: A Special Lucky in Future by randomly


A paper slipped.

The fortune cookies sold by supermarket.


One day I had a dinner together husband in Asian Restaurant. At the end, we paid all orderings to the waitress, a small woman who has physically same like me. She looked friendly to us. Before leaving restaurant, she gave us the complimentary things such as fortune cookies and schnaps.

This is the second time getting these in Asian restaurant. We are frequently eating in a kind of restaurant, but it is rare to have fortune cookies. It is like a trend in Germany and some part of Europe countries which provides fortune cookies as complimentary to customers. I supposed this is kind of bussiness, but in trick the tradition hidden by.

I thought it’s randomly to have these cookies. I saw some couples who were sitting next to me that they didn’t get it. This is associated with superstition that we should be part of it. Many time I visited some Asian restaurant but I have only those two times in different places.

Fortune cookies is a kind of cookies which filled paper slip  that explained regarding the life of recipient in future. Some people feel doubt whatever it stated inside because it sounds irrational. Some people believe it to be part of life as vision in future.

Wheter realize it or not, this cookies are kind of leisure things after enjoying foods. Whatever you get the statement from cookies then enjoying it as part of life. Our future is beyond our control although fortune cookies to be prediction your future.

A future doesn’t meant the fate in according to statement of cookies randomly. Whatever happening to your life is on your hands. And let the rest is under the God’s power. 

So do not make the relationship between the future with the statement of fortune cookies!

The first cookies story could be found in here.

How about you guys? Any thoughts?


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