Happy Mind, Happy Life

You are what you think. To be happy is a simple way which comes from our mind. It meant you get what you think. Think to be happy, then you will have happy life. 

The matter is how to change our mind every day due to the each day has own problems. “How comes to be happy when I have problem every day, Anna?” That was a question a friend of mine yesterday. It seems she has a same big issue day by day.

I answered “Solve your problem! Then find your own path of happiness.” We can’t ever feel happy when we always think problem. 

The blissful feeling comes from our mind. My mother adviced me that every day has own difficulties. She said “You can forget your problem, not your happiness.” We are deserve to be happy. How big the problem is, keep to think to be happy. Sometimes when we have problems, then we forget to be happy. 

Our mind has power to control whatever we feel, including happiness. 

Happy Weekend!


Pikiran Bahagia, Hidup Pun Bahagia  

Anda adalah apa yang anda pikirkan. Pepatah tersebut menunjukkan seberapa besar kekuatan pikiran, termasuk menjadi bahagia. Jadi bahagia itu sebenarnya sederhana. Pikirkan yang bahagia maka anda akan merasa bahagia. Sejatinya apa yang kita pikirkan, itulah yang kita dapatkan.

Seorang teman datang pada saya dan bertanya “Bagaimana saya bisa bahagia jika setiap hari saya punya masalah, Anna?” Menurut saya, dia punya masalah yang besar dan sama hari ke hari. Ini yang jadi hambatan untuk berpikir bahagia yakni sulit mengubah pikiran karena setip hari berhadapan dengan masalah. 

Saya katakan padanya “Pecahkan masalahmu! Kamu tidak akan pernah bahagia jika hanya memikirkan masalah yang sama hari ke hari.” Temukan jalan kebahagiaan anda dengan menyelesaikan masalah, bukan menumpuk masalah.

Ibu saya menasihati bahwa setiap hari punya kesusahan tersendiri. Apa yang dihadapi di hari itu, segera selesaikan agar tidak menghambat pemikiran anda untuk bisa bahagia. Sederhananya, jadi bahagia adalah pikirkan untuk selalu bahagia. Hanya itu!

Selamat berakhir pekan!


Author: Anna Liwun

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me [Philippians 4:13]

24 thoughts on “Happy Mind, Happy Life”

  1. Superb idea.

    You wrote:
    “You are what you think. To be happy is a simple way which comes from our mind. It means you get what you think. Think to be happy, then you will get happy life.”

    I do agree with you. I believe with the power of mind. That’s why, thinking positive is important in order to be positive man.

    Thanks Anna for the share.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Anna… wow you’re a mogul from feelings , a thing is sure we as human beings our problems are the end of the world and really do you think happiness is possible or a chimera… you have be enjoying in your life moments of happiness and happiness is impossible in your life… a nice debate and when I’m so happy with you 😘😘😘🙈🙈🙈🙈😈😈😈☕️☕️☕️☕️ happy weekend

    Liked by 4 people

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