TGIF, Thanks God It’s Final “Every Day Posting” on 500th Days

Today I have got a notification by WordPress that my blog challenging “every day posting” is succesfully done on 500th days. This is amazing to share my daily life experiences through personal blog. Sometimes my minds was stuck on mother language as primary blog language because I was been expat and have been speaking in German and English to others as usual. Somehow I am keen on writing to share as part of life. Perhaps someone at out there is interested to know what they didn’t know yet.

Every day I wake up and alert my self to upload one post what I have provided it yet. I comitted to post my blog at 7 – 8 am in Germany Time. Anything at all on day, I have to warn my self to upload my blog. If I have problem with internet such as I was on traveling so on, I keep to search out one place which provides WIFI service. So now you understand why I have late upload post.

As seen I have a lot of things to do every day. I must finish my study in Germany while I am focus to be part-time job worker. To organize my daily activity I should to set up some drafts a week and may called those “Bank Data” then. When I was lazy either busy, I will take my “bank data” to be blogging. Bank data consist of writings or photos that I have made before. I have some few minutes to review my draft before updating. That’s why you found my post in typo or unclearly sentences. I checked my post then when I have chance on breakfast or lunch.

Back to typo or eror gramatic, I’d prefer to blog in my mother language. I am not yet perfect to be English woman or “Deutsch frau” to explain everything in my blog. However writing in my mother language is easy option to avoid gramatic proof read. It could be a solution when you want to blog every day, but stuck on gramatic. Choice the easy way, write as you can think it fun. My opinion, writing must be easy and fun, not pressure!

Check or control my post is also important. I don’t want to frustrate my readers seeing my blog indistinct. So spare my time every day is not only blogging, but controlling what it is done. When all seems fine, I do blog walking or reply the comments. The next advice, keep in touch with readers is also important meanwhile I am busy.

The last tips, I am ought to care around such as events, news, moments or anything what it happenned. It could be inpired me to ready up draft or ilustration. As blogger I have smart phone to connect with camera or notes documentation what I have seen by.

Thus blogging is simple way as my thought over 500 days. I keep to run this challenging so on.

At least I thank all of readers to stopping by at my blog. Thanks for your support!


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