Hello Readers,

I would like to thank you for stopping by and being my followers. Today I had accomplished my target to write up every day in my personal blog within 1000 days. It is awesome to describe how is my feeling about. I am totally surprised to pursue my achievement on this day.

Every day has own difficulty which explains I had sometimes troubles to upload article when I was traveling for example or I was stuck to have no idea writing. Well, I am done to prove it. When you believe to achieve it, the universe would help you to bring it on you. As known I did my best to be commit on between time 7 – 8 AM in Germany to upload new article and sometimes the crash or internet happened out of my plan. Every week I have to prepare some drafts, to make a little research, to interview some people in relevance with articles and to take some photos or ilustrations on my articles. I am keen on reading and writing to find my self in peace. My dedicated time every day is only sparing time to write if I have mood. That is a reason why I must have some drafts in a week.

I am a Resident in Germany. I’ve written some articles in English, but my mind disrupted with German language and my mother language. The most of my activities I do with German language at this moment. Maybe you will say, why I don’t try article in German language. I am not confidence doing that. I thought language is the key to a person’s self identity. Then I decided to remain articles in my mother language, Bahasa Indonesia because readers and visitors will know where I come from eventhough now I live in Germany. The fact in writing article is not about the language, but how you understand what I have written. The translate tools may also help you to know more my articles if needed. This personal blog is regarding my fully experiences and opinions such as food, traveling, female views, psychology, communication and all about Deutschland.

Since last year, I had trouble to renew this blog as prior premium category. I have tried many times with my Pay Pal account to renew my acccount, unfortunatelly it didn’t work as well. Then I let this blog in free category without payment. It worked bad sometimes and I have no idea to solve my problem. Sometimes visitors complained because they didn’t find my link blog. Well said, I am done today on 1000 days to keep up blogging every day. I just sent E-mail to customer service WordPress to solve my problem in continuing my blog.

My dream is to keep up and renew this personal blog. I am still considering new idea to make fresh my blog. If you have any supposed idea, suggestions or clues, please drop yours in comment box as below. In dealing with partnership, this blog is also available. I am open to discuss then send me your idea through email:

Again thank you for all!