I am Back



I feel grateful and really appreciated for your attention as my friends, readers and followers. Email is sent to know what happened to me. I know that it is so hard to explain since my father has gone to heaven. It is really hard to begin writing up every day normally.

So I’ve decided to make new rule as daily blogger that I write onto my blog Monday till Friday. Perhaps blogging would be overcome with my grief to let it go and back normal. I need the time to categorize a bit this blog and assist readers to be well-organized looking.

For all my followers, thank you! This blog must be written in my mother language, Bahasa Indonesia and the rest either in English or Deutsch. I will be back on next 1st October.

Stay safe there! Also stay tune on my Blog!


32 thoughts on “I am Back

  1. Hi, Mbak! Lama tak berjumpa secara daring.

    Turut berduka atas kehilangan yang Mbak dan keluarga rasakan. Saya ikut mendoakan, dan semoga doa-doa yang kami titipkan, mengantarkan Ayah terkasih masuk ke dalam kebahagiaan kekal. Amin.

    Saya tahu bagaimana rasanya! Saya pun banyak kehilangan orang-orang terkasih sejak pandemi ini melanda. Pelarian saya adalah pada membaca dan menulis. Sangat membantu untuk membuat saya tetap berada dalam keadaan yang terkontrol. Semoga demikian juga pada Mbak Anna. Peluk hangat.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that, dear Anna. You have my condolences & you’re in my thoughts and prayers during this time. Take care of yourself, and it’s nice to see you back again, my friend 🙏💖

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I’ve got your mail and some friends also. I couldn’t to reply those. Writing is healing. Hope so:) that’s why I am back 🙂

  3. Really sad to know of your Dad. You’re doing the right thing by writing. It helps to deal with such a major setback in life.
    Parents are your greatest friends, but even they have to leave.
    Heartfelt condolences my friend.

    1. Thanks my dear brother. This year would be strong for us. I deal with time to heal up.

      Please remain safe for you and family. Greetings from Germany

  4. Turut berdukacita Kakak. RIP untuk ayahanda tercinta.
    Senang rasanya hari ini mendapat notifikasi tentang postingan terbaru dari blog ini. Hanya beberapa (tidak sampai 10) yg saya pertahankan mengaktifkan notifikasi, dan salah satunya adalah blog ini. Saya akan menunggu pos di 1 Oktober nanti.

    Salam sehat untuk kita semua.

    1. Fortunately I’m fine in the boring days from year. My mom brote the hip and no leisure time Take care, safe and a nice ☕️☕️☕️😘😘

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