International Women’s Day

In order to commemorate International Women's Day on today, I will not post anything. The theme of this year aims to promote the world more diverse, equitable and inclusive for them. As immigrant, I am proud to be part of its goal to break the bias stereotypes and discrimination for better future. Happy International Women's … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Weekly Motivation: The Power of Forgiveness Student: Guru, do you know how to heal my self? Guru: Have you forgiven person? Regardless of the situation, forgiveness is the way to be free in life. Then we realize that we are still human and live in imperfect life. Artikel lebih lanjut, bisa dicek di link ini.

Weekly Motivation: Inner Peace Ilustrasi. Student: "Guru, how to find an inner peace?" Guru: "Sssttt…" A dialogue above illustrates why silence is a source of great strength. Silence is powerful. Artikel lebih lengkap tentang diam itu emas, bisa dicek di link ini.

4 Hal yang Harus Dihindari Orangtua Bila Berkomunikasi dengan Remaja Infografik di atas diambil dari artikel di blog ini dalam judul yang sama yang terbit pada 16 Juli 2016.