Rakott Kelkáposzta or Rakott Kàposzta, Steps to Cook:  Hungarian Dishes (2)

As known, I had a good friend who comes from Hungary and living in Deutschland. This lady is keen on cooking and be shared to me and anothers to try out her dishes. We were really love to stopping by when she cooked Hungarian culinaries. 

This post is regarding a Hungarian peasant bake of layered kale and minces of pork. In Hungarian words is used to call “rakott kàpostzta.” In detailed, below is written recipe and steps to make it.

Thanks to Petra who had shared it and surely glad to upload in here😊


  1. Half Kale (cabbage)
  2. 125 gram rice
  3. Fat/vegetables oil
  4. 1 kg minced pork
  5. 2 small tomatoes 
  6. 2 small paprika 
  7. 2 onion 
  8. 2 tablespoon paprika 
  9. Salt
  10. Pepper 
  11. Vegeta
  12. Water
  13. Topping:  
  • Eggs (2) 
  • Cheese
  • 2 Hungarian Tejföl/ 2 german Créme Fraiche 


    Layer first is rice

    • In boiled water, cook the rice. Without any spice take it to a bowl like 1/3. 

    Layer second is meat

    • Chopped and sliding onion, tomatoes, paprika into little pieces.
    • Heat fan and put fat/oil. 
    • Add onion, tomatoes and paprika together. Then fry on 3 minutes and give a bit water. 

    • Add minced pork and next paprika powder, salt, pepper and vegeta. Mix all as well to coat in the spice, and cook over a medium heat, stirring often, till piping hot, the meat particles separated. Add the stock and simmer 30 minutes. Add water if needed it.

    • Now, make another second level in the bowl.

      Layer third is cabbage

      • To prepare the cabbage, boiled in water, rinse once and drain well.
      • Blend together Schmand/Tejföl/Saure Cream with eggs and lay it on the kale. Adding cheese if desired. 
      • To complete, add the last layer on top. Bake until browned on top and heated through as well. 

        Enjoy your meal! Jó étvágyat!

        How to Make Sushi by Sushi Maker

        Finally, I did it. Sushi seemed not so bad.

        Sushi maker. 

        * Repost

        I love to eat sushi together with my husband. Taste of sushi served better in cold food and seafood inside than vegetables only. When we bought in here, sushi set packs are more less 4€ – 10€. In Asian surely sushi was more cheaper. In Germany, you can buy sushi also in Japan restaurant or Asian restaurant.

        One day I found a weekly booklet price promotion that offered by supermarket which made less price for sushi maker. Wow, the sushi maker got discount to be 75%. We bought sushi maker and then trying out it at home. Simple plan I thought!

        The idea was good instead of buying sushi outside. So here in detail of steps I did how to make sushi in such as below:

        Top left: Before covering sushi roll by nori leaf. Top right: Sushi rice. Down: All variants of sushi which offered by supermarket. 

        1. Choose sushi rice. Rice is totally different like normal rice what I eat everyday. Go to supermarket then you can find it easier. 

        2. Took 1 cup of sushi rice then rinse it two times. Transfer it to rice cooker around 15 min. The water could be measured by one bar your finger line. Cook the rice and allow it to cool.

        3. Which ingredients do you want for the sushi filling lengthways? I’d prefer salmon baked and paprika. Cut them into fine strips. 

        4. Open the sushi mould, coat each side with a bit vegetable oil. 

        5. Before filling two halves of mould, rinse your hands and keep them wet. Put cooked rice into the threaded end of mould. 

        6. Use the plunger to press rice in each half. Then place all ingredients (see no.3) you want for the sushi filling.

        7. Place the thread of one half of the mould. Met up two halves of the mould then fasten tighthened with clips. 

        8. Place the lid on the open end of the mould and twist it then it can not moved. 

        9. Twist the plunger out of the thread, press slowly the sushi roll out of the mould.

        10. Place the sushi roll upon one nori leaf. Wrap the nori leaf around the whole of sushi. 

        11. Let the sushi roll to rest in cold during 15 min. 

        12. Use a sharp knife to cut the sushi roll into slices. 

        I am welcome to response if any questions. Happy trying😄

        Tumpeng: Indonesian National Dish Officially


        The incredible dishes named by Tumpeng from Indonesia. When we want to celebrate anniversary or have a special event in traditionally, we usually make tumpeng in promoting a feeling grateful. This is a kind of ceremony to invite people eating together and to be symbolized opening of ceremony officially by cutting a cone of yellow-steamed rice.

        To cut a cone of tumpeng must be doing by a senior or someone who has authority to celebrate that anniversary. After that, people can enjoy food together by choosing what is favor dishes in tumpeng. Tumpeng is a specialized authentic Indonesia cuisine through generations. 

        All foods encircled by boiled vegetables, meats and traditionally dishes such as tempeh, tofu, seafoods, or mashed potato fritters. On center, it was surely for yellow steamed rice as symbolized glory of God as the creator of universe. The steamed rice must be coloured yellow that made from turmeric.