Hungaria (14): Steps to Cook Rakott Kelkáposzta or Rakott Kàposzta

As known, I had a good friend who comes from Hungary and living in Deutschland. This lady is keen on cooking and be shared to me and anothers to try out her dishes. We were really love to stopping by when she cooked Hungarian culinaries.  This post is regarding a Hungarian peasant bake of layered … Continue reading Hungaria (14): Steps to Cook Rakott Kelkáposzta or Rakott Kàposzta


How to Make Sushi by Sushi Maker

Finally, I did it. Sushi seemed not so bad. Sushi maker.  * Repost I love to eat sushi together with my husband. Taste of sushi served better in cold food and seafood inside than vegetables only. When we bought in here, sushi set packs are more less 4€ - 10€. In Asian surely sushi was … Continue reading How to Make Sushi by Sushi Maker

Tumpeng: Indonesian National Dish Officially

Tumpeng. The incredible dishes named by Tumpeng from Indonesia. When we want to celebrate anniversary or have a special event in traditionally, we usually make tumpeng in promoting a feeling grateful. This is a kind of ceremony to invite people eating together and to be symbolized opening of ceremony officially by cutting a cone of … Continue reading Tumpeng: Indonesian National Dish Officially

Food is One of Answers When You Feel Homesick

When you feel homesick and really want your missed food, what should you do in abroad? This is a reason why I bought Thai Food which is similar such as Indonesian cuisine. The second, after watching video regarding Thai foods, don't know why I really interested to have my lunch something that sounds Thai. I … Continue reading Food is One of Answers When You Feel Homesick

Does Food Influence Mood?

The wisdom words say true, you are what you eat. I've tried out ate more salad vegetables and meat in restaurant. I thought healthy foods can bring you good mood as well. It's true. But now I am thinking how about poor people? They might eat less or not thinking how much nutrion inside their … Continue reading Does Food Influence Mood?