Christmas Eve Traditions I do in Germany

Christmas will come this evening when all Christians in the whole world celebrate it traditionally based on its custom. The most people think that Christmas identified with a miracelous event that Jesus was born as baby in a manger. It leads us to celebrate a birth of Jesus who was born more than 2000 years ago. Not only that, Christmas is in connecting to festive special event in accordance to religion. As I known, Christmas represents the spiritual of experience in individually that meant Christmas has different meaning to different people. 

What should you do on Christmas Eve as usually?Andere Ländern, Andere Sitten” is a wise wisdom from Germany that meant every place has own traditions and custom. Here is my note to celebrate Christmas Eve in Germany.

1). “der Heilige Abend”

der Heilige Abend in Deutsch means Christmas eve on 24th December which is a night of 24th December to 25th December. In every house they have done in fully decoration of Christmas tree. On evening, they go with family to attend mass at church.

2). Family time

Christmas in Germany is identified with family gathering to festive special event in yearly. Christmas is a time for family to make memorable moments in special ways such as dinner and nice conversations. In commonly, we eat traditional meals that called as “kalt essen” consists of potato salad, sausage and salad.

3). Christmas gift

In midnight hours, we gather near Christmas tree and start to pray together, “Vater Unser” or the Our Father prayer in Deutsch. Based on the legend in hundred years, Santa Claus came to bring the gifts on midnight hours. But this is only story, we have Christmas gift from parents. My parents in law give to every kid, including me. We also prepare presents previously for parents. This is a time to open the presents.

So, those are my stories regarding Christmas eve. This is totally a bit different happened to me in Indonesia to celebrate Christmas. I think you have the different ways to festive your Christmas on evening.

Would you mind to share your thoughts on comments? 






“Limonen Schnaps” A Kind of Schnapps: The First Experience, Lasting Lemon Flavour

Lemon schnapps as welcome drink.

One day I followed my husband to meet his client in cafe. I thought I would like to explore the new drinks that I never tried previously. When they were both discussed seriously, the waiter came to find out our ordering. He said in Deutsch words, “Drei limonen schnaps bitte!” that meant we would to have the best lemon schnapps together. My minds runned by figuring out, what was “limonen schnaps“?

Maybe I am too innocent because i am not keen on alcoholic. In contrary I was curious what kind of the drinks would I try?

Limonen Schnaps nor Lemon schnapps is a kind of alcohol drinks that tasted so sweet and rich of lemon inside. I felt “burn” on my throat at least. In Germany I found a lot of variants schnapps that flavoured fruits such as lime, ginger, strawberry, grape, etc. Some restaurants/Cafes in here serves schnapps as complimentary drinks after payment. The other way, they offer as welcome drink before the main food served.

Schnaps in Deutsch words, but literally in English it known Schnapps. This can be refer as spirits drink that consumed only for short glass. Schnapps is inexpensive drink that leads as complimentary drinking. But for me, schnapps is very strong alcohol substance. 

Would you like to share your experience in comment blanks about drinking Schnapps?


A Gift from A Good Friend in Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas.

The wrapped chocolate figure of Saint Nicholas.

Do you know Saint Nicholas? Since I was a kid in Indonesia, I only knew “Sinterklas” as Saint Nicholas who always brings a lot of gifts for children on Christmas Day.

Last week, I have got a gift from colleague in class. He gave me a special gift due to Saint Nicholas day. In Germany we known “der Heilige Nikolaus” or “der Nikolaustag” that aimed to celebrate Saint Nicholas in traditionally Catholic Church over the most Catholic region, Bavarian. The characters of Saint Nicholas is identified as Santa Claus who always brings gifts to good person during Christmas season.

This custom happening in Germany is on 6th December that festives Saint Nicholas through giving a gift to good friends or colleagues. What do they give commonly? The most they give you ‘something sweet’ such as chocolate. That’s why you can find many chocolates in figure of Saint Nicholas in supermarket recently. The other options, they may give special gift that happened to me last week.

According to the legend in Bavaria, children put the wishing letter that contains something gift on their socks or shoes. They believe Saint Nicolas will respond to meet up their wishing when they behave as good kids. I have no idea that could be associated with giving a gift to good friends or colleagues.

In my paper gift, I have got a wrapped chocolate figure of Saint Nicholas and novel in Deutsch word. I figured out this good friend really known that I am still learning deutsch as Germany language. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t give him a gift because I have no idea regarding Saint Nicholas Day. As I knew, I will give a gift later on Christmas day to certain and special person such as spouse, family and best friends.

So, do you have any experiences in connecting with Santa Claus? Share your idea in comments!


In Bahasa Indonesia

Hadiah dari teman baik.

Cokelat berbentuk Sinterklas dijual di supermarket.

Tanggal 6 Desember dalam tradisi Gereja Katolik adalah perayaan Santo Nikolaus. Di Jerman, tradisi perayaan Santo Nikolaus menjadi sesuatu yang istimewa. Nama perayaan ini disebut “der Heilige Nikolaus” atau “der Nikoloustag”. Mengingat figur ini identik dengan Sinterklas, sosok yang selalu muncul di kala Natal tiba.

Apa yang anda ingat tentang Sinterklas?

Di Indonesia, saat saya masih kecil. Orangtua selalu membawa saya ke perayaan Natal khusus anak-anak di Gereja. Dimana saya dipertemukan dengan figur Sinterklas yang terkenal baik hati. Dia selalu menyiapkan hadiah asalkan saya berjanji bisa menjadi anak yang baik.

Kembali ke legenda di Jerman. Di Jerman, anak-anak sibuk menyiapkan surat kepada Santo Nikolaus dan menyelipkannya di kaus kaki atau sepatu. Mereka berharap bahwa Santo Nikolaus akan memenuhi harapan mereka asalkan mereka sudah menjadi anak yang baik. Alhasil saya mendengar teman-teman saya di sini sibuk membantu anak-anak mereka menyiapkan perayaan Santo Nikolaus di sekolah, terutama di taman bermain (TK).

Namun saya juga tidak menyangka, seorang teman kelas memberikan saya hadiah. Di dalam tas hadiah bergambar Santo Nikolaus itu, saya mendapatkan cokelat yang terbungkus figur Santo Nikolaus dan sebuah novel yang dibungkus indah. Mungkin teman saya tahu bahwa saat ini saya sedang belajar bahasa Jerman.

Apa yang diharapkan orang-orang Jerman, terutama di wilayah Bavaria yang mayoritas memeluk Katolik? Mereka berharap sesuatu yang manis seperti cokelat. Itu sebab saya menemukan ragam cokelat di supermarket sejak akhir November. 

Tak hanya cokelat, anda juga bisa memberikan sesuatu yang lain seperti yang saya dapatkan. Bahkan suami saya juga mendapatkan hadiah dari rekan kerjanya, cokelat dan krim cukur untuk pria.

Bagaimana pengalaman anda yang lain soal hadiah di hari Natal?

China Green Tea: You Should Know

China green tea.

This china green tea is really good.

In China, tea drinking is part of social life. The custom of tea drinking became social tradition habits since centuries ago. The best and popular tea in China society is green tea that its good for health. The tradition of drinking tea mostly found vary in Asian countries such as China, Japan or Indonesian.

I have known two popular green tea that called as Matcha from Japan and Oolong from China. Recently matcha green tea has gained Indonesian foods and beverages market as trend consumption industry for young people as consumers.

China green tea is totally different with Matcha Japan green tea. This is a reason to drink tea when I have met my good friend who comes from China in “Chinarestaurant” in Germany. She adviced me to try ‘China Green Tea’ when we spoken about culture and life style. 

China green tea is good to improve health. The substances contain antioxidant to protect body more powerful from free radicals. Also in every green tea compounds more caffeine than normal tea to increase dopamine at brain function.

All benefits for health will get it from this green tea drinking. In according to my experience, I had have problem sleeping when I drunk three cups of green tea. Why? Drinking a cup of green tea in every day is enough in order to to improve the health.

I have got lesson learned later on. Each day I may drink coffee or green tea not more than one cup if I wanna sleep better at night time. 

Everyone is different, and some may experience side effects after drinking more than a cup of green tea. While others may be able to drink five cups with no problem such as a friend of mine from China.


Salah satu teh hijau di restoran Tiongkok di Jerman.

In Bahasa Indonesia

Di Indonesia, anda mungkin terbiasa mendengar Matcha, teh hijau dari Jepang. Industri minuman dan makanan di Jakarta misalnya begitu kreatif membuat aneka macam konsumsi terbuat dari teh hijau tersebut. Matcha memang populer sebagai teh hijau dari Jepang dan dipercaya baik bagi kesehatan tubuh.

Lalu bagaimana dengan teh hijau dari negeri Tiongkok? Apakah anda pernah mencobanya?

Pengalaman adalah guru terbaik. Setelah mengalaminya, maka saya menuliskan dan membagikannya lewat artikel. Suatu kali saya kedapatan tidak bisa tidur. Saya berpikir pasti ada yang salah dilakukan pada hari itu seperti mengkonsumsi sesuatu yang membuat tidak bisa tidur. Setelah diingat-ingat bahwa saya meminum tiga gelas cangkir dari teh hijau. Hari itu, saya datang bersama seorang teman dari Asia juga untuk duduk dan ngobrol di restoran Tiongkok di Jerman. Begitu asyiknya hingga saya meminta pramusaji untuk menambah cangkir teh saya.

Di Jerman, pramusaji selalu bertanya jenis teh yang anda inginkan. Mereka akan menawarkan teh yang mereka miliki. Ini menarik, sementara di Indonesia hal ini jarang terjadi. Di kafe atau restoran di Jerman, mereka akan jujur mengatakan macam-macam teh yang dimiliki seperti teh mint, teh Chamomile, teh hijau, dan sebagainya.

Rupanya teh hijau yang saya pesan pada hari itu telah membuat saya tidak bisa tidur. Sebaiknya saya hanya meminum satu cangkir saja. Namun karena keasyikan ngobrol dan menghangatkan badan membuat saya lupa untuk meminumnya hingga tiga cangkir. Teh hijau biasa juga disebut teh oolong.

Anda tahu bahwa teh hijau dari Tiongkok dikenal berkhasiat karena kandungan anti oksidan untuk melindungi tubuh dari pengaruh radikal bebas. Kandungannya begitu kuat untuk menangkal berbagai serangan penyakit. Bahkan ada yang mengatakan baik untuk membuang racun sehingga dianggap bisa menurunkan berat badan. Hal ini saya sendiri tidak tahu pembuktian medisnya. Namun hal yang pasti, teh hijau di masyarakat Tiongkok dianggap sebagai minuman kesehatan karena baik untuk tubuh.

Tidak hanya itu, kandungan teh hijau juga dipercaya memiliki kadar kafein yang tinggi dibandingkan teh normal pada umumnya. Kafein dalam teh hijau dipercaya dapat meransang bagian dopamin sehingga mempengaruhi kerja otak. Namun bagi saya, kadar kafein yang tinggi menyebabkan saya sulit tidur. Setiap hari, saya hanya bisa minum tidak lebih dari satu cangkir kopi atau teh jika ingin tidur nyenyak pada malam hari.

Begitulah pengalaman saya. Sedangkan bagi teman saya tersebut, dia tidak bermasalah. Setiap orang itu bisa berbeda-beda. Itu semua tergantung bagaimana menikmati satu cangkir teh hijau sudah cukup atau anda butuh lebih dari itu.

Apakah anda punya pengalaman minum teh hijau dari Tiongkok?


Christkindlmarkt: A Christmas Market in Sparkle Night in Germany

As promised, this post meant to watch the pretty night during Christmas market. This is recommended to festive in sparkling nights. I have no words again to describe this market.

May those pictures uploaded that tell you more!

1. Entrance of a market.

2. The chocolate center.

3. German cuisine.

4. Nativity Scene or Weihnachten krippe in deutsch words.

5. The German tradition of Winter drinking. 

6. Crowds of people streamed in Christmas Market. 

7. Chilling out in Germany’s Christmas market.

8. A choir performance concert.

9. Coffee snack bar.

10. A Christmas gift shop displays.

The idea about Christkindlmarkt, please be found in links below:


McRib, McDonalds in Germany: A Delicious Barbeque Sandwich

McRib plus mineral water without gas.

It seems yummy and tasty, is it?

It is free for hand washing.

‘Ordering something in fast food such as McDonalds sounds you have no time to cook at home huh!’ That a message a popped up on my mobile phone. It was from my mother in Jakarta. 

It is true. I came to McDonalds which is located around from my home. My class was over. My classmate from Russian proposed to get lunch earlier before ‘mittagessen’ started. Mittagessen is a Deutsch word that means a time for lunch. Every restaurant normally gets fully ordering by people at that time. Sometimes we got lately food when mittagessen were happening in Germany. 

For your information, people in here called McD restaurant as Mekki. It sounds wierd for me. I just known it when my husband had a ‘termin’ with his co-workers. ‘Termin’ is a Deutsch word as such a schedule to meet in punctual time. In Indonesia we usually called McDonalds as McD. Yeah, I’d like to come to Mekki in here due to free internet for three hours. It is including kind of service in Mekki. You get tasty food then WIFI also. Good for students!

I thought to get food that never been found in McDonalds in Indonesia. Finally McRib was my option. Mekki has a lot of options for drinking. I have chosen mineral water without gas as my favorit. Plus the wet tissue given to me as free for hand-washing. Totally I paid less 5€ for all today.

McRib is a kind of sandwich with barbeque sauce. This meat is so tasty and yummy from pork ribs. It is like a cut of pork then served by grilling. Then Mekki served to barbeque sauce on top. Not only that, I found onions sliced and a bit of cucumber salad. I impressed this sandwich was ‘lecker‘ for first time I never tried before. ‘Lecker‘ is a Deutsch word that means delicious.

No wonder McRib is a popular order menu in Germany! Since 2006 as first time Mekki in here introduced to public generally where it is always sold out. Sometimes they said McRib is limited offered by Mekki in here. This recommended when you are stopping by. 

Hope it informs✌