Happy New Year 2020

Ilustrasi. It is all about TIME Time flies so fast. And life contains the most of unexpected things. We will understand miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected things to happen. Miracles do happen when you believe. The wise man said "Never give up before the miracle happens" because believing in yourself is … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020

A Spirit in the Beginning of Year

Living in Germany urges me to understand not only language. I like to learn new culture over the world, including Germany. The interesting thing to be related in life is local wisdom such as expected attitude which occurred in certain believe. I heard that German has known as hard-workers in the world. They have good … Continue reading A Spirit in the Beginning of Year

Pig and “Glückskleebat” As Fortune Symbols in New Year

New year as new day just began today. I have found many chocolates which wrapped in "pig figure" sold out recently in supermarket. I've got one of them from my colleague in here. A chocolate had wrapped by pig figure and written “viel glück” as deutsch words and added “glückskleeblatt” as a lucky charm. It … Continue reading Pig and “Glückskleebat” As Fortune Symbols in New Year

Have you Thanked God for 2017?

Now we are counting hours to enter new year, 2018. All good and bad times happened within this year unbelievable. Yes, that is life. What we plan is totally bit different what it happened in reality. Have you thought why it worked beyond your plan? These are my reflections why my life is not according … Continue reading Have you Thanked God for 2017?