Die Weihnachtskrippe, This Sets More Than Decorations in Christmas

At Dome St. Stephan, Passau.

At home.

Everyone has own way to celebrate Christmas, including putting up decorations on their home. This is not necessity, but memorable on Christmas. The interested thing on my memory is about Die Weihnachstkrippe, in Deutsch or the Nativity scene which described unique and awesome beyond the story as written in Bible.

This scene may be used to represent of the first century when Jesus was born. They placed on figures based on the characters such as Joseph, Maria and Jesus in the manger as the main persons. Several figures can be added depend on cultures or inspired by church.

It can be unique of theme to feature a drama of Jesus birth in every place which celebrates Christmas such as church, house, market, school, institutions, etc. The tradition is only to be reminder that Jesus was born in simply, humble and poor.

How ever you celebrate Christmas nowadays, Der Weihnachtskrippe or the crib of Jesus birth is the effort to promote the meaning of Christmas. We can recognize this as symbol in different meaning for different people. For me, this means more than decorations in Christmas.


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