Life offers me a lot of options. There looks pretty, good and perfect. For visualization, I take example which is apples on picture.

What is on your mind about those?

All apples seem good and delicious. Do you want to take one of those? Could be. Why? Apple has benefits for health and looking good to try out.

See that! It called life. I always think to take one of chances in life due to my needs. I want to try out to be experiment. I am curious to feel it as part of my life. I need to take one instead of consequences happening then.

To be honest, those are not real apple. No one apples look perfect and have the same size. Those apples are accessories and display only. I never found perfect the real apples and same sizes in one plate.

Everything in life never be perfect and has the same experience for every one. I need to taste, feel and experience it as part of life. Either good nor bad, I should to try out in understanding a lot of chances in life.

No regret whatever chances I took as lesson learned. Be wise when you took the wrong options. It meant you are able understand how to find the right, is it?

So any opinions?